Kissy Pops
"Where you have been kissed by pop fashion!"


Kissy Pops was founded in 1999 as a retail storefront and as an online boutique. Our main goal is to make our clients look beautiful at an affordable price. Most of our merchandise is inspired by some of today’s most famous celebrities and hottest reality TV stars. Our quality merchandise is perfect for all occasions year round. We offer some of the trendiest fashions for those looking to make it pop!

As of 2013, Kissy Pops experienced phenomenal growth. As a result, we expanded our business to only exclusively offer merchandise through our online boutique in order to better service our clients worldwide.

So the next time you are looking to make a fashion statement and a trend statement on a budget, remember to shop at:


Where you have been kissed by pop fashion!

You have been kissed!

Make it pop!

Own it!



At Kissy Pops we strive to make our clients feel beautiful and empowered. We offer trendsetting merchandise for those on a budget. We offer our clients the opportunity to have the same items worn by some of today’s hottest celebrities and trendsetting reality TV stars. When you look good, you feel good, and we want our clients to own it!

We refer to our clients as Kissy-Pops-Nistas because we love to see our clients in their best glam by rocking some of our hottest styles and many trendy looks.  We take great pride in serving our many Kissy-Pops-Nistas worldwide!

We appreciate your business and we would like to thank you for shopping at Kissy Pops!

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